Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Give Them Money!...Just Because....

I've seen some pretty good documentaries, entertainment, and educational media. Some of them were done by PBS (after they improved their product to "compete" with numerous private venues).

So, why is it exactly that, of all the media and creative organizations out there, PBS requires subsidies from the state (taxpayers)?

Tears shed for Big Bird are no more than another garden variety drama session in support of the useless state in it's quest to run its tentacles into any social crevasse it can find.

Sesame Street and its like are multi-billion dollar operations of mugs, T-shirts, and calendars. They'll get by fine without crony dollars from D.C.

The war on Big Bird....pleeease.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Testing the Tepid Waters

The best way to get rid of a socialist "leader" is to elect them for one term so people can see exactly what it is that socialist "leaders" do.

Friday, October 19, 2012


'Done Deal...

Yes it is.

Baring any last minute surprises or shenanigans (I threw that word in for Joe-malarky-Biden's benefit), Romney will win by a substantial margin. It seems that in modern times, the Republican always scores more in the actual election then most opinion polls and talking heads want us to believe beforehand.

For several months many "news" sources were trying to pull off a con suggesting that the god-man Obama would possibly win by a "landslide." As a crashing down reality will finally show, the only "slide" he's gonna be doing is a quick slide back into the bogus field of community agitation.

That last debate was so transparently bogus, biased, and rigged it was pathetic. I'll wager that Romney picks up a few extra points from some people that were simply disgusted with how unfairly he was treated - "How are you different from George Bush? (!)" - Give me a fuckin break. How is Obama different from Hugo Chavez?

"The war on women" - more typical utter nonsense from the progresso-comms. Don't the femi-lefties realize how phony and chauvinist it is to to assume that the economy and international affairs are secondary "women's" issues and that "women's issues" ultimately revolve primarily around a small area in the lower abdomen - talk about chauvinists. You do know that the average woman in the Obama administration is paid less than the average man, don't you?

During a deliberate attempt to "downsize" the U.S. standard of living these idiots really believe that sane women are concerned about the government covering the cost of condoms...on a borrowed dime.

The Democomms are gonna lose big-time and then they'll fall back on their usual post-losing strategy; a temper tantrum, threats, and accusations that the citizens are racists fools.

For now, nothing can be more entertaining than watching a hard-core capitalist call a Marxist phony on his blatantly failed statist policies.

The next African-American president will prove that skin color need not equal a love for European collectivist ideologies.

Sunday, October 07, 2012



...because it's such an accurate depiction of the situation.

Friday, October 05, 2012


Coming Soon...

The new improved Obama.

Everyone is providing their professional or knee-jerk analysis of what went down between his holiness, Obama and that new upstart, Mitt Romney.

Honest people on both sides of the aisle have called it for what it so blatently was.

No doubt the next performance will have a revived Obama, looking up and smiling, noting positive things for the future. His hanldlers will see this as an adequet restart - it won't be.

What many are missing is that no matter how well scripted, assertive, or smooth with "facts" that Obama becomes, he's still selling the same product. He's still an anti-free market globalist with unbridled admiration for leveling achievement and success through the authority of an all-powerful centralized state. Pretending that he's an old-school liberal democrat that merely wants to present some social programs to congress will come across like Stalin proposing a tax cut.

Obama and the Democrats are who they are and no amount of bogus rhetoric about "investing in green jobs and more teachers" is going to impress anyone with any insight... Except of course that lady with the free "Obama Phone."

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